STREET 2012 by James Nares.


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NYC based artist James Nares film ‘STREET’ is an unscripted 61-minute high definition video filmed over one week in September 2011 from Battery Park to the furthest reaches of Upper Broadway, and West Side to East Side. The film shows ordinary street life dramatically slowed down by the high speed camera which reveals the subtle gestures and nuances of human movement, behaviour and interaction on the streets of a busy metropolis.

I see the film as fitting in half way between the fast pace of reality and the frozen moment of the street photograph, half way between the overwhelming un edited stream of real life and the highly edited most poignant image that we street photographers strive for. Watch the film and then think for a moment how much easier it would be to steal moments in a world that run at half speed.

The film is currently showing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC until 27th May 2013.



Here you can see James talking about the film and his inspiration for it.


There is a further short clips from the film here.

With thanks to Richard Bram for drawing my attention to this.

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  1. Posted on March 23, 2013 by Alan Horsager

    What I particularly like about these slow moving images, in addition to the subtle gestures, is the relative movement of the people. It kind of gives this 3D, orbiting effect.

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