Author: Nick Turpin

Nick Turpin is a London based photographer renowned for his candid street photography and creative commercial projects. Nick writes on Street Photography and produced the Street Photography film in-sight.

London Cycle Hire Scheme shoot

I am currently working with Transport for London and Swedish stylist Kajsa Soderlund to produce new images to promote the London Cycle Hire Scheme. This first series focuses on tourists and visitors using the cycle hire scheme to access the cities many beautiful spots. Everyone on the shoot cycled from location to location with clothes, props and this amazing Crystal Lighting. Shot on Canons with remote Nikon Speedlights on booms. Models from BMA Models on Hyde Park Corner London. Shooting bike to bike down Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London. Early morning long lens shot beside the Serpentine in Hyde Park.
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STREET 2012 by James Nares.

NYC based artist James Nares film 'STREET' is an unscripted 61-minute high definition video filmed over one week in September 2011 from Battery Park to the furthest reaches of Upper Broadway, and West Side to East Side. The film shows ordinary street life dramatically slowed down by the high speed camera which reveals the subtle gestures and nuances of human movement, behaviour and interaction on the streets of a busy metropolis. I see the film as fitting in half way between the fast pace of reality and the frozen moment of the street photograph, half way between the overwhelming un edited stream of real life and the highly edited most poignant image that we street photographers strive for Watch the film and then think for a moment how much easier it would be to steal moments in a world that run at half speed.   James Nares: "STREET" from Paul Kasmin Gallery on Vimeo.   Here you can see James talking [...]
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Making Street Photography Pay.

One of my Commercial Portfolios of Street Photographs.    I have often stated that I consider Street Photography to be the least commercial form of image making and yet I have made a good living for over twenty years from having a portfolio of Street Photographs. I thought I would explain a little about how I have managed to translate what I do on the streets into a commercially applicable form. The main issue with Street Photography is that it deals with the 'real' and very little commissioned photography portrays reality in the raw. Most commercial photography deals in retouched fantasy or specifically polishes reality to make it into an aspirational 'super reality'. The commercial photographer typically employs the dark arts of photography and post production to make the world look more colourful, more beautiful, brighter and purchasable.   Where can we fit into this as Street Photographers?   I won't lie to you, very few of us do fit [...]
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Undefining Street Photography

In the interviews and seminars that I do two questions continually arise... 1- Can you define Street Photography for us? 2- Does Street Photography have a future?   In the past I have tried to explain the place of Street Photography within the documentary tradition, I have talked about Street Photography as an approach, an attitude rather than a place where the pictures are made, I've talked about the minimal equipment required to shoot on the streets and the lack of interaction between the photographer and subject. To the second question I have talked about society and culture continually changing and therefore the subject matter of Street Photography continually being renewed and refreshed and relevant. Finally I have arrived at the realisation that I have been coming at these questions from completely the wrong angle, I have been playing the interviewers game, I have been going along with the notion that 'Street Photography' is a ring fenced region of some [...]
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