10 years of in-public was published by Nick Turpin Publishing in 2010 to mark 10 years of the in-public street photographers group.

The cloth bound hardback book contains 10 photographs by each of the 20 members at the time. As well as a forward by in-public founder Nick Turpin and an essay by Jonathan Glancey, Architecture and Design critic of The Guardian. There is also a short revealing interview with each photographer by David Clark.

(PLEASE NOTE: there are fewer than 80 copies now remaining)


Photographers included in the book are:

    1. Nick Turpin
    2. David Gibson
    3. Richard Bram
    4. Matt Stuart
    5. Andy Morely-Hall
    6. Trent Parke
    7. Narelle Autio
    8. Jesse Marlow
    9. Adrian Fisk
    10. Nils Jorgensen
    11. Melanie Einzig
    12. Jeffrey Ladd
    13. Amani Willett
    14. Gus Powell
    15. Christophe Agou
    16. Otto Snoek
    17. Blake Andrews
    18. David Solomons
    19. George Kelly
    20. Paul Russell

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