In-Sight Film

The film in-sight was produced in conjunction with the Format Photography Festival to mark 10 years of the Street Photographers group in-public.

Shot in London, New York, Melbourne and Rotterdam it follows members of the in-public group shooting on the streets of their respective cities.

The film is notable for it’s use of a small HD camera attached to the photographers cameras during filming which gives a unique perspective on their working techniques.


Thank you to all of you who helped in the making of the film, all the photographers, past and present at iN-PUBLiC, Richard Bram and Monika Mahon for putting me up in their home in New York, Sarah Ewing for overseeing the Australian filming and Marieka de Bra and Tom Hutton for filming where I could not.

In retrospect I would like to dedicate this film to our friend Christophe Agou.