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London Out of Home Ad sites

[cl_column width="2/3" css_style="padding-top:0px"][cl_media image="id:5782|url:https%253A%252F%252Fnickturpin.com%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252FScreenshot-2023-01-07-at-16.45.47.png" shadow="0" media_type="video" video="youtube" video_vimeo="787174035" video_mp4="https://nickturpin.com/NTsitemedia/TfL_Ad_Sites_comp2.m4v" video_webm="https://nickturpin.com/NTsitemedia/TfL_Ad_Sites_comp2.m4v" video_ogv="https://nickturpin.com/NTsitemedia/TfL_Ad_Sites_comp2.m4v" video_youtube="haPi3UNoRo0" autoplay="0"][cl_column width="1/3" col_sticky="1"] London Out of Home Advertising Sites Transport for London commissioned a visual survey of the sites across Greater London that they lease to media companies for Out of Home Advertising. The shoot required stills and moving image which Nick shot from a drone to show a wider view of each of the 17 locations. Timelapse was used to convey the high quantity of traffic these sites experience. Category Film Share
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