Fujifilm X100V First Look

It’s very unusual for me to talk about equipment, it’s generally just a means to an ends for me but for the last three years I have been using the Fujifilm X100F which I consider to be the best camera I have ever used for Street Photography. I was very excited at the end of 2019 to be offered a chance by Fujifilm to try out their replacement, the new X100V for a few weeks. Somehow Fujifilm have managed to improve upon the X100F with a better sensor and improved processor, they’ve added a tilting LCD touchscreen as well as 4k video and 11fps shooting.

I run through the new features and take the new Fujifilm X100V for a shoot at Buckingham Palace in this video.


[tg_youtube width=”800″ height=”400″ video_id=”/nAxLFWLARCs”]


Here is a film Fujifilm made with me.


[tg_youtube width=”800″ height=”400″ video_id=”/Q5K9IrKyMDY”]